In January 2018, I launched a podcast! It's called Amy Talks and covers lots of different issues that matter to everyone.

I've made a few episodes now, and really want to continue to do so in the following months. All of the episodes are available on Mixcloud below, but are also on iTunes, so go and subscribe!

Episode 1 - About January Diets (Interview with nutritionist Jenn Hand)
Episode 2 - About Being a GRAMMY-Nominated Artist (Interview with Luanne Hunt)
Episode 3 - About #DeleteFacebook
Episode 4 - About Mental Health Awareness (Interview with Kristin Walker)

Episode 5 - About Drawing Celebrities (Interview with Chibi Village artist Hann Fernee)
 Episode 6 - About Being A Broadcast Journalist (Interview with James Mates)

Episode 7 - About My Favourite Conspiracy Theories
Episode 8 - About Having Anxiety
Episode 9 - About What It's Like To Be A Twin (Interview with my sister Sarah)
Episode 10 - About Being Transgender (Interview with Lucas from ITV's Transformation Street)
...More coming soon, watch this space! Also follow the show on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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