26 October 2018

The Driving Theory Test

Before even learning to drive, most driving instructors ask for you or your loved one to complete the car theory test. If they didn't then don't worry, you'll still have to sit it before you can sit your practical.

The test itself includes two parts: a set of multiple-choice questions and a hazard perception video section. You get 57 minutes to complete the multiple-choice section of 50 questions, and the pass mark is 43/50. For the hazard perception, clips of driving come up on the screen and you have to spot the potential hazards - the pass mark for this is 44/75. There's only one piece of advice I can give you:




It will set you in such good stead for the test. There's plenty of apps out there that can help with what you need to know. I downloaded the official DVSA one and it's really good, as when you go to revise, it will show you the page of the Highway Code that corresponds to what you're revising.

Go through each section and answer the questions at the end to complete it. I did all the revision questions twice and there's 700-odd of them, so it was a lot to remember. Once I had completed all the sections, I did test after test. If it was quiet at work, I would do a test. If I was watching TV, I would do a test - if you're sat at your laptop watching a video - shut the lid and do a test. Believe me, it helps.

On the day you'll naturally be nervous - that's understandable, but if you've put the work in, you should reap the rewards. Don't forget your provisional licence as you won't be able to take the test without it. One last thing to say if you're taking your theory soon - good luck.

How was your theory test? Do you have any tips you could pass on? Put your thoughts in the comments.

A K Jones

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  1. I passed my driving theory and hazard tests first time years ago but have never taken my actual driving test. Really think this blog post is gonna help so many people, 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

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  2. It's so important to revise! It makes the world of difference!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan


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