3 August 2018

What I've Been Listening To 🎧 | July 2018

I know we're already a couple of days into August, but I want to give you a little round-up of what tunes I've been jamming to throughout July.

In the playlist this month we've got a lot of new stuff (well new to my ears anyway) including a couple of acoustic covers, one in particular I love by Landon Austin. Throwback songs by Lily Allen and Phixx, a bit of Country (what else?) and some chart hits also make up my list. See the tracklist and playlist embedded below and take a listen. Also give me a follow on Spotify to keep up with the latest playlist before anyone else!

1. LDN - Lily Allen
2. Take Me To Church (Acoustic Cover) - Megan Davies
3. Hide Away - Acoustic Version - Landon Austin
4. For Awhile - Ryan Robinette
5. First Time - M-22
6. Hold On Me - Phixx
7. Wild - Catherine McGrath
8. Migraine - Twenty One Pilots
9. Give Me Novocaine - Green Day
10. Solo - Clean Bandit, Demi Lovato
11. Old Ways - Demi Lovato
12. You Don't Even Know - Walker McGuire
13. Shot - George Ezra
14. You Don't Know Love - Olly Murs
15. Slow Dance In A Parking Lot - Jordan Davis
16. Eyes Open - Kris James

Hope you all have a lovely August and enjoy the sun if you have it!

Happy Listening!

A K Jones

Lily Allen cover art courtesy of London Records / Universal Music Group [Source], Megan Davies cover art courtesy of MADLove Records [Source], Landon Austin cover art [Source], Ryan Robinette cover art [Source].

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  1. We have such similar music tastes! Especially love Demi and Green day

    XO Zoe |


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