20 December 2017

Featured Artist - AVEC

For Australian AVEC, it was a hard job writing latest single ‘Bones’. 

She says “I wrote this song a long time ago and it was a tough one, to write and to record, because I never really knew, how this song should sound and how I want it to appear” but she needn’t worry about that, and it appears just as it should: melodic and atmospheric, something to hear whilst taking on a great quest. 
She lists the likes of The Lumineers and Kings of Leon as her influences, and she’ll be influencing other people’s music very soon. Quiet but powerful and lyrically hopeful, AVEC’s voice is very haunting and if you like Indiana, you’ll love her. I can’t wait for her debut album What If We Never Forget to be released next year. You should be excited too.

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A K Jones

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