19 September 2016

One Simple & Free Tool To Organise Your Blog

We all like free things right? Here's a free tool for organising your blog content that works and helps you keep on top of what you're writing and whether you've done it or not. I love this specific programme, and it's built into most computers. It is...

Microsoft Excel.

You may not have been expecting me to say that, but believe me it's true. After years of using calendars and to-do-lists to no avail, I called on Excel (or Numbers if you use a Mac) to help organise my content and help me know where I am if there's a lot of posts to write. I also use it to create a checklist of social media to promote my posts on, so then I can tick it off that I've done it and put my mind at ease that all my posts are tweeted, pinned and written about where they should be.

I'll show you my structure of how I organise it, and it really does help.

I have an Excel spreadsheet set up in the following ways (as seen in the pictures above) with the columns listing a checklist if you like of what to do with the post - so whether it's been written, drafted, scheduled or posted.

When it's posted, there's a separate social media chart for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest to keep up with what social media platforms you have and haven't posted on. It's great to use every day and see where you're at, with the ability to add more posts to your lists and schedule.

I also used a colour key with blue showing whether I had started the task, red showing that I hadn't, and green to show that it's been completed. It feels so satisfying to be able to colour that particular assignment and social media post green symbolising that you've done it all and your day's work is done.

I hope you can take this tip on board and use it to your advantage. Tweet me and let me know if you're going to adopt this way of scheduling your posts, as it's free and simple to use.

Happy Listening!

A K Jones

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