31 August 2016

Featured Artist - Echo Black

These rockers haven't been around for long (just over a year) but they are on the rise, with their music video for new single 'Perfect' featuring The Word Alive's vocalist Telle Smith. Getting a genre heavyweight to feature on their single is so special and a great addition to the song and video. It's like the early Noughties, brought into the 21st Century.

'Perfect''s creepy video shows just how hard they've worked and no confusion over what they want to be in the eyes of the industry and the world. The NYC boys are going to be big players in the Alt-Rock music scene and with so much success already under their belt, they have a huge advantage over their stage fellows. Watch out for Echo Black on a stage near you.

Watch the video for 'Perfect' (embedded below), and follow Echo Black on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my posts and know when the newest one is published. 

Happy Listening!

A K Jones

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