21 July 2016

Featured Artist: Ko_Plune

Southampton, UK is home to lots of new musical talent, especially as there's Southampton Solent University (a uni mostly dedicated to creative arts subjects) and a whole host of different venues to play across the city. Among that talent are Ko_Plune, a four piece experimental band who incorporate different, unique elements of Punk and Dance melodies to their acoustic music - a definite mix indeed.

The genre jigsaw pieces definitely fit together, as their single 'Panda' and EP Auditory Atlas encapsulates everything they're about, with brilliant rock melodies as they cherry pick parts of each genre and moulds them together beautifully like lump of clay that's suddenly turned into a vase. They're a band to definitely see to right now, as it won't be long until these guys get popular and find their way to various festival stages and radio playlists around the World.

You can check out their music on Bandcamp, 'Like' their page on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram to see what they're up to. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my posts.

Happy Listening!

A K Jones

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