16 April 2016

50 Things That Make Me Happy

Rachel from rachelxblog has tagged everyone who read 50 Things That Makes Me Happy post (If you want to read her post, feast your eyes here.) to list 50 things that make me happy, so here we are. Here's the 50:
1. My family, I couldn't ask for a better happiness source than them.
2. Having a good laugh until my stomach hurts with my twin Sarah - she's an amazing sister.
3. Looking up into the beaming sun and feeling it hit my face
4. The Internet, as I've met so many great people (bloggers and otherwise) and some of whom I hope will be friends for the rest of time.
5. Writing blog posts
6. Listening to music through my Beats headphones
7. Visiting London, it's my happy place.
8. Reading books
9. The Inbetweeners - such a hilarious series!
10. Salted Caramel hot chocolates
11. Reading other people's blog posts
12. Watching YouTube videos by Zoella, Jim Chapman and Casey Neistat
13. Using a face mask
14. Watching This Morning, an awesome daytime show that talks about sensitive and great issues
15. Painting my nails
16. Running
17. Studying Music Journalism - it's quite stressful at times, but I wouldn't change it for the world
18. Finding new artists to feature
19. Wearing my favourite Daisy Dream perfume
20. Watching MTV's Catfish and Suspect, two pretty awesome shows
21. Sleeping
22. Having a long lie-in
23. Freshly-washed sheets
24. A great fruit smoothie
25. Russell Howard's Good News
26. Ordering a Dominos pizza when I've had a long week or at the end of term when my work's all completed
27. Wearing new clothes
28. Trying out new makeup
29. Straightening my hair and dressing up a bit more, whether it's going to an event or just going to uni, I do like a change sometimes
30. Wearing my Tiffany necklace, which I got as a present for Christmas a couple of years ago :)
31. Taking photos for my blog
32. Sitting out in the sun on a gorgeous day
33. Using Noisli to create an ambient atmosphere that helps me concentrate
34. Tweeting and reading other people's tweets - I just can't get enough
35. Searching up quotes on Instagram, they always inspire me!
36. Cooking new foods and they actually taste OK
37. Creating my monthly playlists on Spotify for a blog post at the end of the month - follow me if you want to keep up with what I'm listening to.
38. Surfing clothing websites even if I'm not going to buy anything, it all looks so tempting!
39. Having a nice refreshing shower to wake me up in the morning
40. Jack Whitehall's shows Bad Education and Backchat with his Dad
41. Drinking my favourite Superberry juice by The Berry Company
42. Participating the Blogger chat we have on Twitter and Facebook, it's awesome and we chat about all sorts of things
43. Travelling to America - I went to New York in 2013 and I'm going back in September this year, I can't wait!
44. Snapchat filters (add me - aj1443)
45. Using emojis to sum what I'm trying to say
46. Having a bath whenever I go home and using a Lush bath bomb
47. My bed at home
48. Having a TV in my room at Uni
49. Snuggling up in my duvet when I'm watching TV and being all comfy
50. Thorpe Park

Those are 50 things that make me happy - what are some of yours? Are they similar to mine? Let me know.

A K Jones

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