9 October 2015

A Couple Of Reasons Why I Hate 'The X Factor'

Talent contest shows such as The X Factor and The Voice are proving very popular and have done some time for normal people like you and me to show off their talent and get a recording contract - or are they? Here are 5 reasons why I don't believe in them and won't watch them to discover new talent.
1. Producers edit the show so it looks differently to what actually happened


Reality shows are always being brought down by speculation, but no-one has had rumoured spread about it more than The X Factor. These fears have been confirmed by former contestant Jade Richards (who appeared on the show twice, in 2011 and again in 2013) and said on Victoria Derbyshire's show recently that she had originally performed 'All I Can Do Is Cry' by Etta James, to which the judges persuaded her to sing 'Someone Like You' but the edit showed the judges' comments to her first performance, making it look like Kelly Rowland is crying at the Adele song, but actually Rowland "had a dream" about James' song.

2. The auditions in front of the judges aren't the first auditions the contestant has done


To weed out the bad from the good, everyone who signs up has to go through quite a vigorous set of  auditions in front of the producers first before they even step foot on the big stage before the judges. They also have to go through a questionnaire asking them questions such as 'what's your biggest achievement' when they're only 16, so they may not have achieved much, which doesn't make their application look all that great and ends in disappointment for them, dashing their hopes of stardom forever.

3. The judges have such big egos


The judges of the show who are celebrities (I use that word loosely) get changed around after a couple of series and their replacements aren't any greater than their predecessors. They are shown to be caring and nurturing to the talent, but is that the real truth? I think they're in it just for the money and certainly don't care too much about the acts that are on the way out.

4. Most of the acts that win never really win

The bands/singers (apart from very few) that come first are far less likely to become famous and gain huge success (Google Steve Brookstein for example) and the people who come second or third in the competition gain the most fame, like One Direction. Still, it's all going to into Simon Cowell's back pocket, no matter how famous they become.

5. The current version of the show is so over-dramatic

This is what REALLY pisses me off about The X Factor. It seems that the show is no longer about the singing or the abundance of talent, but the drama and tension of the judges. I was watching the first episode I've seen in a long time the other night and Rita Ora was crying and there was really annoyingly tense music, with her having trouble making a decision. It just seems so fake and over-dramatic with more focus on the judges than the contestants.

Even someone I live with said "oh come on get on with it" and they strung it out for way too long. There's this new stupid 6 seat thing that I still don't understand and whoever the judges swap with the contestant in the chair is always saying "I'm so sorry", when actually they're happy that they get to be another step further to the road to "fame".

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A K Jones

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