2 September 2015

NEWS: Pandora Goes Ad-Free

That's right Pandora listeners - there won't be any adverts while you listen to your favourite music, but only for 24 hours. Music Business Worldwide reports that on their 10th anniversary (9th September, starting at 12am Eastern Time) listeners will be able to listen to their music without interruption. 

This comes in the midst of an ongoing feud with Pandora and artists and songwriters, as they don't pay very much in royalties for each play of the artists' song on the streaming service. Pandora distributed $256 million to rights-holders in the first half 2015, which isn't very much compared to Spotify, who distributed $300 million in the first three months of the same year, so turning off the ads won't make that number any higher for the rights-holders of songs. Trying to win back an audience is proving hard for Pandora, as the subscribers for the Pandora One topped just 3.9 million of the 79.9 million listeners that the company stated in their last publicity report.

Will Pandora be able to win subscribers by going ad-free for a day? Let me know what you think.

A K Jones

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  1. I've never heard of Pandora before, but I'll check it out. Ad fre me for a day sounds pretty good!

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