Time to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm Amy, I'm 22 years old and live just outside Reading, England. I've currently just finished my degree in Popular Music Journalism and this blog is a place to share and review the newest music and news. Need to contact me? Email me at

I'm very PR-friendly and am willing to consider all possibilities about a sponsored/collaborative post - you can contact me using the email address above. I will show products in posts that PR companies have sent me and they will be indicated by a * in the title of the post, so do be aware that any opinions given in a post like this are completely my own, and not biased in any way.

Hope you all enjoy my blog and feel free to follow me on the following social media:

Happy Listening!

A K Jones


  1. You should definitely check out Jaymes Young! xoxo

  2. Hey I'm Caroline. Just signed my email up to follow your stuff, I think you're doing a good job!